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Maths and Physical Science Grade 12 and Grade 11

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SmartLearner Vision

We are constantly adding new content, and removing old stuff. As you may have noticed, this started as a Physical Science website. Now we are including other subjects. The focus is on simplicity of explanation. So often you find notes somehwere, but they are user-unfriendly. At SmartLearner, we try our best to make things simple.

We have included audio notes, and videos. The audio is there to supplement the written next and diagrams. And many solutions are hand-written, instead of typed. This gives the solutions are "friendly" experience!

You can post your questions on the SmartForum. We try to answer as quickly as possible. But not your homework!

The World Is Larger Than Your Classroom

Physical Science and Mathematics


Physical Science is NOT difficult. It is just a matter of approach.

Physical Science is a combination of Physics and Chemistry. Students need to start these topics as early as possible to realise that it is indeed easy. Physical Science is not "wishy-washy", but rather a very precise subject with very easy ways to solve.


Mathematics is also an easy subject. You just have to master a few rules.

There is a misconception that Mathematics is difficult. You need to practice from the easy examples, in order to reach the more complex. Then you find that there are no complex examples! Developing the right approach is all that it takes!