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SmartLearner is created and developed by myself, as a hobby.
I try my best to be as innovative as possible, catering for all platforms, and all sizes of devices. You would notice the absence of any "flashy" layout. Every effort is made to keep the pages as small as possible in size, to improve opening speeds.

I am particularly proud of DualView which is really effective for studying through Past Papers. In addition, there are videos, images, notes, tutorials, Flash Cards, interactive-selfmarking tests and more. Recently I have updated many of the pages to a responsive layout. The advantages here is that SmartLearner will display very well on any size device!
So links may be broken. Please let me know of any such links.

This has become very popluar, and is relatively new. Sections from past papers are categorized, and opens easily on any device, including phones. So now you really can practice past papers on your phone! You just have to click or tap the question, and the solution will appear!

New Content
New content is uploaded almost daily. So do check back for stuff you may need. I try to keep the language as simple as possible.

This site is totally free to all its users. It is really cool to note that SmartLearner already has millions of hits. SmartLearner has received numerous accolades, including international recognition!

Please report any error to me.
We are not liable for any errors, and you use this website at your own discretion.

I wish to make this the best and most comprehensive website for learning, ever!

Please do NOT reverse engineer anything from this website, or copy the features of this website. This is under copyright license and is protected by international laws pertaining to intellectual property.

You can contact me on: academic@afrihost.co.za


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