Past Papers in Dual View

These are past Matric Papers that open with the Questions Papers and Marking Memos side by side! This layout makes it very easy to study.
Scroll to a question in one frame, and scroll to the marking memo in the other.

You must have a PDF reader installed. Most computers will already have Adobe Reader so this should work correctly.

Some of the files are large, so allow a minute a two for them to download.

If you wish to fit the paper exactly into your frame, click Ctrl 2.
Ctrl Zoom (mouse wheel) magnifies, etc.

Past Papers CatView

These are questions from past papers topic by topic, making it very convenient for you. Of course, they are accomponied by video solutions! As an example, all the questions from Electrostatics from past papers are collected in one place for you. Just click the question to get the solution!

Multiple Choice Questions

Answer numerous Multiple Choice Questions, and they are marked immediately. In addition, you are provided with your marks, time taken and corrections!
This allows you to test yourself, and you can answer the tests as many times as you like. Some are easy, some are a little more difficult!


Read through our specially choreographed notes that are designed to make it easy to understand!
All our notes are designed to be teaching tools in the own right! Our notes is not just a collection of information, that you have to sift through. It is written in simple language, without compromising on any of the details.

Video Tutorials

You just need to click on a question, to view the video!

Audio Notes

Switch on our audio notes, and carry on doing other things while you listen and learn!
This very handy especially for those sections that involve a lot of notes. The audio player is built into SmartLearner, so just click. Put your speakers or headphones on!

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