Tut 2 - pH Calculations

1. You need to make a solution of HCl of volume 250cm3 and pH of 2,3.

1.1. Is HCl a strong or weak acid? Why?
1.1. strong acid
HCl ionises completely in water
ionises means that the HCl was a molecule, and therefor has to react (ionise) to actually produce H+ ions.
1.2. Calculate the required concentration of the HCl to produce that pH of 2,3.
1.3. Calculate the mass of HCl required to make that volume of 250 cm3.

2. The diagram below shows an Erlenmeyer flask.

Calculate the mass of sulphuric that you would need, to make a solution that has a pH of 1,4 and a volume 400cm3.

3. An exact mass of 2g of barium hydroxide Ba(OH)2 is dissolved in 250 cm3 of distilled water.

3.1 Calculate the concentration of the Ba(OH)2 solution.
3.2 Calculate the pH of the solution.

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