Alternating Current 2 - Voltage

In ac,the voltage magnitude and direction is constantly changing.
The voltage(magnitude and direction) can be represented by means of a graph.
The top quadrant represents voltage in one direction and the bottom quadrant represents voltage in the other direction.

The Vmax represents the highest value the voltage would reach (the blue line).
Since the voltage magnitude is always changing, it is necessary to identify an average voltage, or a dc equivalent.
This avearge value is called the average voltage or Irms (the green line). This is called root mean square, which is really a complicated way of saying "average".

How do the numbers work?

Assume that Vmax = 300V.
(This would be the peak on the graph)
Calculate the average, Vrms.


300 = 1,41(Vrms)
Irms = 212,77V

You must learn the above equation.

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