The D.C. (Direct Current) Motor

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

1. Two magnets are used for an improved force. The section of wire between the magnets are called LOOPS.
The RED LOOP begins with the RED SPLIT RING COMMUTATOR. So the RED SPLIT RING and the RED LOOP must be regarded as one single unit.

2. At present the RED LOOP is next to the NORTH pole.
By using the Left Hand Motor Rule, the FORCE is UPWARDS on the RED WIRE.

3. The section of external RED WIRE from the battery ends in RED BRUSHES.
The external RED WIRE and the BRUSHES must be regarded as one single unit.

4. The BRUSHES brush against the SPLIT RING COMMUTATOR, and this allows for electrical contact as the ring spins around the brushes.

5. The RED BRUSH must be seen as a "GUN" that fires "bullets" in that direction. As shown, the “bullet” is fired forward into the RED LOOP. When the GREEN LOOP’S SPLIT RING gets in front of the RED BRUSH, “bullets” are fired forward into the GREEN LOOP as well.

6. So it DOES NOT MATTER which loop is against the RED BRUSH. The RED BRUSH will always fire forward into it. And whichever loop is there, it will move upwards.

7. So the RED BRUSH “fires into” the RED LOOP, and then into the GREEN LOOP and again into the RED LOOP, and again into the GREEN LOOP as the loops rotate. This goes on and on.