The D.C. (Direct Current Motor)

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

DIRECT CURRENT is used to "power" the coils.
Direct Current is current that flows in one direction only.


1. The LOOPS and RING Rotate.

2. The brushes remain fixed. They maintain connection to the external circuit, preventing tangling of the conductors..

3. The current flows in one direction up to the brushes. The BRUSHES brush against the rings, allowing for electrical contact without being rigidly fixed to the ring.

4. The SPLIT RING COMMUTATOR continuously changes the current direction in each half of the loop.

5. This ensures that whichever loop is next to the north pole, it will always have current in the same direction. Charge is “fired into the loop” by the brush it touches.

6. This allows the loop by the north pole to always have the force in the same direction.

7. Continuous rotation is maintained.

8. Hence the SPLIT RING COMMUTATOR is the device that allow for CONTINUOUS ROTATION in one direction.

9. The BRUSHES ensures electrical contact against the SPLIT RINGS.

10. Motors are used in various devices. By simply switching on a circuit, physical movement is created.

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