Tut 1 Electric Fields

1. Is the electric field a vector or a scalar quantity?
vector quantity since a direction must be provided

2. Consider a point charge of 8nC. Calculate the magnitude of it?s electric field strength at a distance of 0,4m to the right.

3. The electric field strength is 1575 NC-1 at a distance of 20cm towards the source charge.
3.1. What is the sign of the charge?
3.2. Determine the magnitude of the charge.
3.3. Draw the following graph : E vs. 1/r2

4. Calculate the electric field 50cm to the left of a charge Q = -7uC.

5. What happens to the strength of an electric field as you move closer to the charge?

6. The electric field strength a distance of d from a source charge is E. What would be the electric field strength at the following distances?
6.1. 2d
6.2. d

7. The electric field strength is 2000NC-1 at a distance r from a charge of 8nC. What is the magnitude of r?

8. Define the term "electric field, and state what is meant by a "non uniform electric field".

9. Draw the electric field pattern for a single positive charge.

10. Draw the resultant electric field pattern for a positive and a negative charge placed near each other.

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