Kinetic Energy 1

Kinetic Energy is the energy that an object has, as a result of its speed.
Kinetic Energy is calculated from:
Ek = ½mv2

The units of kinetic energy is joules (J). Ek is a scalar quantity.
There are three variable, Ek, m and v.
Please remember to write your final answers with the correct units.

Example 1
The mass of the car is 1200kg and it is moving at 20m.s-1. Calculate the kinetic energy of the car.

Example 2
The kinetic energy of a car is 300 000J. If the mass is 800kg, calculate its speed.

Example 3
The mass of an electron is 9,1 x 10-31kg.
Calculate its Ek if it is travelling at 2 x 106m.s-1.

Example 4
A skateboard is moving at 4ms-1 with a kinetic energy of 9,6J. Calculate its mass.

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