Flowchart and Summaries

Fertiliser Equations

Haber Process

Ostwald Process

The first equation is called the “catalytic oxidation of ammonia”, and uses a platinum catalyst.

Contact Process

  1. Since impurities are present, the SO2 is washed with water, and dried with H2SO4 , which is a drying agent. Impurities would poison the catalyst in the next step, and render the catalyst inneffective.
  2. This is a slow reaction, hence a contact catalyst is used, V2O5
  3. H2S2O7 is called pyrosulphuric acid, fuming sulphuric acid or oleum. SO3 does NOT dissolve easily in water; reaction is very exothermic, forming a mist of H2SO4.
    Hence SO3 is dissolved in H2SO4 to form H2S2O7.
    This H2S2O7 is easily dissolved in water in the next step.
  4. Water is the solvent for the H2S2O7 , eventually making H2SO4

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