Equilibrium Tut 2

Please note that in all the reactions, the phase is aq or g unless indicated otherwise, such as s or l.

1. The following reaction has reached equilibrium at temperature T.

At equilibrium, the concentrations of A and B are 2 mol.dm-3 each, and the volume of the container is 2dm3. At T, the Kc was found to be 4,5. Determine the original mols of A and B used.

Original mols of A and B used are 10 and 16 mols respectively.

2. The reaction given below has reached equilibrium at a temperature T.

This reaction was performed in a sealed 1 dm3 container, starting with just 1 mol of N2O4. The Kc was determined to be 4 at temperature T.
Calculate the mols of N2O4 and NO2 at equilibrium.
A good starting point would be to let the mols of N2O4 that react = x

accepted value of x = 0,62 mols
-1,62 NA since negative mols not possible

Equilibrium mols of N2O4:
= 1 - x
= 1 - 0,62
= 0,38 mols (34, 96g)

Equilibrium mols of NO2:
= 2x
= 2(0,62)
= 1,24 mols (57,04g)

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