Quick Summary

Light reflects off opaque objects.

Light passes through transparent object.

Proves light is a wave.
Single Slit Experiment.
Ability of waves to travel around corners and obstacles in their path.
Huygens Principal.

Proves light is a wave.
When waves pass through each other they affect each other.
Interference results in Constructive and Destructive Interference patterns.

Proves light is transverse.
Does not prove light is a wave.
Polaroid sheets experiment.

Proves light has a particle nature.
Establishes the quantum theory (light energy is quantized).

Explains why the sky is blue.

• Continuous Spectrum
• Line Emission Spectrum
• Line Absorption Spectrum
Spectra reveals the structure of the atom.
Electrons in different levels affect the incoming light differently, hence the light out-put (spectra) shows this.
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