Name: Forces 1
Created By: V. Gokal
Max Time: 5 mins

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1. A box, mass m, is at rest on a rough, horizontal surface. A force of constant magnitude F is then applied on the box at an angle of 60° to the horizontal as shown in the sketch.

2. A body slides down a frictionless, inclined plane of constant gradient. For which one of the combinations given below, will both physical quantities experience a constant increase in magnitude?

3. A woman pushes a trolley in a supermarket with a horizontal force of 80N. During the motion, the frictional force on the trolley is 60N.

4. The physical quantity represented by the expression below is equivalent to …

5. A body of mass m moves at constant velocity v through a displacement s against a constant, frictional force F. What is the power required to keep the body moving at this constant velocity?