Name: Basic Test
Created By: V. Gokal
Max Time: 2 mins

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1. The stationary spring-loaded trolleys in the diagram have just "exploded" apart on a level bench. After the spring has expanded, which of the following is true for the total momentum and total kinetic energy of the two trolleys?

2. A space craft is made up of two modules, P and Q, with masses of 2m and m respectively. It is traveling at a velocity v relative to the Earth. Module P is then ejected backwards so that it has zero velocity relative to the Earth. The magnitude of the velocity of Q would be ...

3. Two identical resistors labeled R are connected in parallel to a cell having internal resistance. When the switch S is closed, :

4. Two spring balances are tied to each other. A force of 20N is applied as shown. What would be the readings on the spring balances in newtons (in order of XY)?