Name: Equilibrium 2
Created By: V. Gokal
Max Time: 5 mins

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1. A gas X is placed in a sealed container at t = 0 s. The gas decomposes into gases Y and Z. A chemical equilibrium between the three gases is reached at t = tx.
The following graph of concentration versus time shows the changes that occurred during the reaction:

2. A mixture of H2(g) and I2(g) is sealed in a gas syringe. The mixture is then allowed to reach equilibrium at a constant temperature according to the equation:
What will happen to the concentration and yield of HI if the piston is moved inwards while the temperature remains constant?

3. An equilibrium in a closed container is represented by the following equation:
N2(g) + 3H2(g) ↔ 2NH2(g) ΔH < 0
Which one of the following actions will affect both the value of Kc and the concentration of ammonia present at equilibrium?

4. Consider the equation below:
CaO(s) + SO2(g) ↔ CaSO(s)
If the equilibrium concentration of SO2 (g) at 25°C is equal to x the value of the equilibrium constant at this temperature will be equal to:

5. Consider the following chemical reaction at equilibrium in a closed system:
2CO(g) + O2(g) ↔ 2CO2(g)
A catalyst is added to the system at constant temperature. What effect will this have on the Kc value and on the yield of CO2 respectively?