Name: Test 3
Created By: KG
Max Time: 10 mins

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1. When (3m2 – 5n2) + (-2m2 + 6n2) – (10m2 + 20n2) is simplified, the answer is …-

2. John ran around the rectangular field two times. What was the total distance that he covered if the length of the field was (2x + 1) metres and the breadth was (x) metres?

3. At a concert there are men, women and children present. There are (10p2 – 2p + 4) men and (5p2 + 5p + 5) children. If there are (37p2 – 22p + 12) people altogether, how many were women?

4. A container has (3x + 2x3) litres of liquid in it. If the amount of liquid is trebled, then there will be ….. litres of liquid in the container.

5. The length of a string that is (4m4 – 8m2) cm long is cut into two equal parts. What will be the length of each piece?